Paper Storage

Paper Storage

Paper is liable to be affected by variations in temperature and humidity.  The optimum storage conditions are a temperature of 16ºC - 22ºC and relative humidity (the moisture content of the air) of 40% - 60%.  Variations in humidity are the most serious and can, by changing the moisture content of the stationery, permanently damage it. 

Stationery transferred from a cold room to a warm room can experience a temporary warp.  Sufficient time should be allowed for it to become acclimatised before being used.

All printed stationery should be kept in the original boxes until required for use.  The boxes should be stored lid uppermost and should not be stacked more than five high.  Any partly used box should be placed as the top box.

Stationery should not be stored directly touching the floor and should be kept away from pipes, radiators, hot air ducts, windows or such like.

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